Fig & Olive

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If you’re looking for a perfect date spot to woo that special lady, look no further than Fig & Olive. They’ve got everything, food to make your tastebuds sing, a nice little garden display in the center of the room, and a sexy ambience that will or will not get you laid that night (that, my friend, is really up to you and who you are as a person). I hit up this place with Andre for a cute date night and I couldn’t have been happier.

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***** Crostini Trio: When you receive the menu, there’s a list of starters that you can choose from and my god, you can’t go wrong with any of them. According to the menu, there’s lots of inspiration from the “Riviera & Coastal regions of the South of Grance, Italy, and Spain” and their menu is based on seasonality and taste accordingly. The crostinis really caught my attention due to the wide variety of choices they had for each one. If you don’t know what a crostini is, it’s basically a toasted baguette slice usually coated in olive oil. Fig & Olive give you a variety of options as “toppings” to choose from.

Burrata, Tomato, Pesto, Balsamic: absolutely incredible. The burrata was the perfect consistency, the heirloom tomatoes were fresh and juicy, and there was a distinctive olive oil taste to the bread. Your really can’t go wrong with any of the toppings here.

Cured Salmon, Radish, Cucumber Yogurt, Dill: The salmon was super fresh, the radish added a nice tang, and the slight heat coming from what I believe to be a sprinkle of chili powder was a nice touch as well. My only comment was that the bread lost some of its crunchiness because it was a little moist from the salmon. Perhaps they should include another ingredient to separate the salmon from the bread. Overall, it was still pretty great while being light on the palate.

Shrimp, Avocado, Cilantro, Tomato: The ingredients kind of remind me of a Mexican shrimp cocktail in a way. They are all ingredients that cannot fail against one another. In hindsight, I should’ve tried the more daring crostinis that had weird pairings that were challenging to work with. However, Fig & Olive is a little pricier so it’s best to keep it safe when it’s your first time; better not get disappointed when the bill is high, am I right? This crostini was, of course, amazing. A generous layer of crushed avocado was slathered on top of the bread that sooth the rough sensation of the baguette with the creamy, cold smoothness of the avocado. The shrimp was perfectly cooked butterfly style with a nice bounce to each bite.

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**** Maine Lobster Bisque: This creamy, delicious soup consists of pimento chive mascarpone, olive oil crackers, and for an additional $6, with actual lobster pieces. I honestly do recommend going that extra six dollars to get lobster because it would be a little boring without it. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the bisque is amazing. It was the right amount of creaminess, wasn’t too heavy, and was light but flavorful. The soup basically caresses your tongue invitingly vs. enveloping it in a heavy blanket. Imagine your tongue was your child and you had to tuck your child in good night. It’s not a super chilly night, so you’d rather lightly cover them with a cotton blanket that will keep them sufficiently warm but ventilated. That is how the lobster bisque do. ( I really do hope you guys get my references…I’m not crazy I swear). The lobster addition adds something more to the appetizer. You get the consistent texture of the lobster’s meatiness. I just wish they wouldn’t give you the tip of the claw because that part is usually grainy and tough. Perhaps you can request that? Also, if you’re into snapchat or instagram, they pour the soup into your bowl so you could get a nice lil video action if you’re fast enough. Just a fair warning though, this place is pretty dark for photos because they are trying to keep that sexy ambience. And to be honest, if you’re really into the other person, you wouldn’t be on your phone 24/7 anyways. Real talk. With Jenn.

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*****Beef Carpaccio: You’re probably wondering why there are so many appetizers between two people. It’s because the appetizers are pretty small and you could get through them real quick. The thing about paying more at expensive restaurants, they think that they more you pay for a dish, the less you get. Weird logic. I mean, I’d probably still pay $16 for this dish regardless. “18 year Balsamic, Tomato, Parmesan, micro arugula – White Truffle Oil”— ooh wee! All on top of a finely shaved layer of raw beef. To be fair, you don’t want a ton of raw beef for this dish because you’d get sick. Make sure whenever you eat beef carpaccio, that the meat is shaved finely to prevent bacteria and getting sick. I went to this one place for beef carpaccio up in Davis and they basically had thick slices of meat on a plate. If it’s thicker than 3-4mm, you probably shouldn’t eat it. I got so sick after eating that dish….absolute nightmares. Thankfully, Fig & Olive know what’s up. The toppings were incredible. The truffle oil wasn’t overwhelming, the tomatoes were wonderful, and the micro arugula helped refresh your taste buds. Wasn’t too big of a fan of the large pieces of shaved parmesan because it can get really salty if you eat a huge chunk of it like I stupidly did. If the parmesan was just a light sprinkle, it would’ve been better proportioned with each bite. However, you can just gauge how much parmesan you want, so this issue wasn’t too big of a deal.

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** Bloody Mary: Now that I’m 21, a drink with a meal is not only great, but is also another price to consider with every meal. I swear I have to set aside a separate budget just for alcohol. You can’t just drink those cheap packs of beer anymore at frat parties. You are one sophisticated gal now. Once you turn 21, you just want to drink the good stuff. And that good stuff ain’t cheap. This bloody mary, however, was a waste of money. It was the only downside to the night. Yeah it’s a little weird drinking a bloody mary at night, but I was really craving it and was like why not? Andre is driving, so I can have a drink or two. It was really really spicy. They overdid it on the horsesradish and the drink was chunky. It was just a weird combination for me. I usually love bloody marys so I was thrown off by how different this one was from the others I’ve had. I prefer not to get random chunks of whatever that was in my mouth.

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Verdict: Great date spot! I would go here either for a special anniversary date or a really nice GNO with the girls. Just be prepared to spend a lot if you like this kind of food. You can’t really just order one thing and be satisfied. Just avoid the bloody mary… We did eat a dinner course, but I completely forgot to take a photo of it… eheheh.

Who ate with jenn: Andre of course! 😀

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