Grey Skies for Grey Knit Dresses

Here’s the start of my fashion blog, transitioning from my quirky, very opinionated, and awfully punny food blog, Eatwithjenn. I’ve been contemplating for the longest time whether or not I wanted to start blogging about fashion and even made a video lookbook once for youtube but never committed to posting it. I think I just take on too many hobbies at one time and then get overwhelmed when times get busy. However, one of my good friends/sorority sister from UC Davis, Bella (you can check her out at!), made a trek down from the bay to live a new life here in LA! We made a list of places we wanted to hit up in LA for #ootd because we both have an interest in fashion and it makes every weekend something to look forward to (other than being able to sleep in until an ungodly hour of course). I felt like I’d like to document this so I can look back at all the places we’ve been and all the experiences we’ve went through; it’s like a diary for the conceited and shallow, because we all say we are creating a blog to look back on and reminisce, but COME ON… we do it for the ig followers and the lime light amirite. Otherwise why would we post it all over the web for people to see. Hashtag truth. Hashtag I’m so lame for hashtagging my blog… But yeah! Expect the same weirdness you find in all my food reviews and hope you enjoy following this new edition to my blog.


Our first adventure leads us to the “Bates Motel”, an art piece by french artist, Vincent Lamouroux. This motel must’ve watched Psycho because it looks absolutely petrified…it turned white as a ghost! Even down to the palm trees surrounding the hotel are coated with this incredibly fluorescent layer of paint. You can see why this place is often visited by fashion gurus, it looks wonderful on any instagram. The white on white texture of the fence with the building can really bring attention to the little details in your outfit. I’m wearing this gorgeous knit dress by Everly clothing, something warm but stylish for the upcoming autumn weather. This particular weekend was a little bizarre because it actually started to rain right after my friends and I took photos, but we were thankful for the cloudy coverage–it made it easier to photograph without having harsh glares from sunrays create contrasting pigments.


I got to take a bunch of photos of my lovely models today, also wearing comfy Everly dresses. The monochromatic scheme of our shoot was perfect as the clouds rolled in–Christian Steel would’ve been so proud. (and yes, I’ve read the 50 shades trilogy. and yes, I’m not proud of it…it was a waste of a book). Like seriously… if I had a dollar every time they mention sandstone tiles, that Christian is 50 shades of crazy, or that everything he wears is grey on grey on grey… WE GET IT. I mean… reading it is like eating hot cheetoes… you know full well you’re going to expel hot, murderous fire into the toilet later, you know it’s going to end badly, but you keep reaching your devil red fingers into the bag and keep eating. WHY DO WE KEEP EATING.

IMG_4401 IMG_4355

If you’re interested in getting these dresses (unshameful promotion here–since I also work for Everly and I love it!), links are located below! Unfortunately, I could only track two of the dresses, but I will update it when things go in stock!

Textured Dot Two-Piece Dress

Ribbed Dolman Sleeve Sweater Dress


Peace out girl scout,




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  1. In love with these dresses, they are all so gorgeous! ❤


  2. The Sartorial Coquette September 21, 2015 — 11:58 am

    beautiful pictures and looks!! it’s great that you’re starting a fashion blog 😀 your first post is already great ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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