Rainbow-90s Vibes

On another ootd adventure, my housemate and I found ourselves staring at Paul Smith’s bubblegum pink building. Driving down Melrose, you cannot miss this piece of architecture…and by architecture I mean it literally looks like a piece of Bubblicious bubble gum (is that gum still a thing? the ones shaped like bricks and usually has a second colored filling?–also probably the reason why I have jaw problems now…Never eat an entire stick of Bubblicious at once). We headed there pretty late, so we got there right when the sun was setting. This was perfect because we weren’t blinded by the sun as we were taking the photos. I decided to match the hot pink with an even more vibrant outfit–rainbow. I honestly couldn’t think of what to wear, so I rummaged through my closet and found an old halloween costume (yes I was a rainbow. super cliche and easy). That’s when my housemate was like “Oh! You should do like a 90s vibe”. The rest was history. I grabbed one of my chokers and my plastic see-through box clutch, and I was good to go.


Right before this shoot, I actually got eyelash extensions. It was the first time I ever got them before and I was excited to finally have some definition around my eyes and something to finally bat at the boyyyys…ha. Let me tell ya…make sure you go to a place that is professional and uses quality lashes. The place I went to was kind of sketchy, they got glue in my eye which burned really bad, and the lashes were pretty plasticky and hard. I’m never going there again… It’s also near impossible to wash your face normally because you don’t want to rub your eyes and risk losing lashes. It’s like $1 a pop man. It ain’t cheap. Pain is beauty amirite… But hey, don’t they look spiffy?



It was pretty funny when I got to the building because there were actually a good amount of people waiting to take their photos, and some actually approached me to help them take photos on their phone. I think the funniest request was when a girl came with her boyfriend–disregarding his capable fingers/ability to hold a phone and snap a photo–and asked me to take the photo for her. I guess when you are holding a chunky dslr, suddenly people place you at a higher skill level. This sadly makes everyone think that if they own a dslr, they are instantly a photographer. But what am I saying, I honestly don’t think my abilities are even up to par with professionalism. I was also asked by a guy named Paris. He swagged in wearing all white with purposeful rips displayed all along his jeans and a rockin black jacket to contrast. He asked me to help him take photos since he came alone, a feat even I’m too scared to do. Afterwards, I just couldn’t miss the opportunity to snap with him. His outfit was on point so what the hayyy.


Posing and trying to act like I was even remotely cool really worked up an appetite, so Bella and I went to Tatsu for Ramen. It was also located on Melrose and they had pretty good reviews on yelp. Walking in, it was definitely a unique experience because you take your order on an ipad and  pay for the meal all before you get seated. The craziest part of that night was when Bella turned around to me and started freaking out.


I looked straight at them and I was like WHO DAT. Turns out WHO DAT were actors from that abc show Agents of SHIELD. It was nice meeting you Nick and Iain! You guys were incredibly friendly, which is a pleasant surprise to get from actors because you assume they’re sick of taking photos with fans. We had quite the eventful day I must say.


Bye for now,




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