The Broad Museum

Was The Broad everything I expected it to be? Absolutely. Have I been pronouncing it wrong? Ashamed and proud of it, yes. It’s apparently the Bro-d (you know a place is fancy if you’ve been pronouncing it wrong).

As soon as we got there and was about to enter their parking structure ($12 all day, which is pretty hefty..) I saw this long line trailing the side of the building and immediately got scared. But then I found out that it’s for the people who didn’t reserve tickets. They let a certain number of people in based on those who don’t show up during their ticketed time slot. You just have to be patient and wait in the hot sun as 30 min intervals pass to let ticket-holders in. If you get there maybe 1-2 hours before they open (which is 10am), you have a high chance of getting in with the first crowd. I believe the first 100 people were allowed in when I went!


I recommend reserving your ticket or getting there early for the morning times because the coveted exhibit by Yayoi Kusama, the Infinity Mirrored Room, has a wait time. We got in right at 10:30am and the wait was approximately 2-3 hours already. By noon, the wait time skyrocketed to 6 hours! It’s definitely worth checking out of you’re at The Broad even though you only get a mere 45 seconds to be in the room. The exhibit is basically a small mirrored room filled with lights and water. There’s a small platform you can stand on and just bask in the illusion of space and emptiness. If it weren’t for the fact that I had 45 seconds to take a selfie for Instagram, I would’ve gotten lost in this man-made galaxy and probably would’ve been floating in this ethereal reality forever.

On a side note: If you’re worried about the wait to get in, you can leave and come back into the museum when it’s your turn and there are other things around the museum to pass the time! The exhibits probably will take you 2-3 hours to wander through and absorb, there’s the Walt Disney Concert Hall next door, the MOCA (which is offering free year admission till Oct 4th with your broad ticket), Grand Park, Grand Central Market, etc.

After you sign up on an iPad for the infinity room located on the first floor past the lamp post that appears to have sprung out from a Salvador Dali painting, there’s a small exhibit you can walk around on the first floor. The third floor is where you’d want to head next. There’s this escalator ascending into an organically shaped ceiling that prepares you for the wonderment lying above which is also a hot spot for photo taking. Pretty much every inch of this place is picture worthy.


You’re greeted by an enormous space as you enter the floor. They really know how to provide individual space for the artwork, yet still making it cohesive to the artist. It also makes you realize how big the exhibits are because of how much space the artwork demands. The steel balloon sculptures by Jeff Koons, for example, are ginormous! They will definitely catch your eye with their shiny, metallic sheen and their playful ode to times at the county fair, the farmer’s market, or spending your childhood with your parents. Just like your childhood, it freezes a time that is so fleeting and fragile. (xjenn3 getting deep and sentimental in here)IMG_5536
I really recommend everyone to visit this place at least once and get lost in the magic that is contemporary art. It takes an open mind to approach certain pieces, but just take the time to read the small excerpt on the wall or to ask one of the friendly Broad workers! Oh and keep 2 ft away from all set pieces! (I’ve gotten yelled at so many times)…



More pictures from my visit:

IMG_9120 IMG_8953

IMG_9215 IMG_9100

IMG_9002 IMG_8994

IMG_5403 IMG_9022

IMG_9131 IMG_5476

What I wore:

Gold Baroque Patterned Dress by Everly Clothing (Everly sold at Nordstorm, Amazon, Francesca’s, Dillards, etc.)

Front Clasp Bra by Victoria’s Secret (perfect for racerbacks)

Medium Sutton Satchel by Michael Kors

Navy Trench Coat by YesStyle (similar one here)


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