IMG_9606What to expect during an ArtisanalLA event? Well my friends, be prepared to eat lots of guilt-less samples, learn a couple DIYs here and there, and spend money on top of the ticket you purchased to enter the event. Thankfully, I got my wristband for free thanks to my lovely housie, Bella.

The key is to not feel bad about eating the samples and to go up to each vendor with an open mind and open ears. There is something so great about hearing people spill their passions on the table and explain to you how they started their business. Shown here is some pretty delicious coffee brewed up by Knight Owl.


Probably the highlight of the day was the free samples of cheese. We even got to try lactose free cheese that are made from oats(I’m technically lactose intolerant, but I like to forget that I am). Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of their booth, but the booth pictured above was also pretty amazing. The nice man running the Sanctuary at Soledad’s Goats booth explained how they stopped milking goats because in order to do so, you’d have to get the goat pregnant. This would lead to many baby goats that won’t be able to be cared for or sheltered properly. Instead, they found that oats makes a nice substitute and a very light, subtly sweet vegan cheese. Bella and I found it to have more of the consistency of hummus, something you could eat guiltlessly with some pita chips on a nice relaxing day at home.

For the DIY portion, Bella and I decided to try our hand at the offered $10 calligraphy class, which also included all the supplies and tools needed for learning. It was fun, but I didn’t really learn much from the whole experience. The instructor was hard to hear over the loud booming music echoing throughout the studio and she just gave us outlines to trace with our calligraphy pen.


For the most part, it was quite enjoyable and almost therapeutic as we wrote popular rap lyrics in beautiful baby blue script. Nothing is more romantic than writing “truffle butter” in calligraphy.
What I bought at ArtisanalLA:


Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

Bourbon peach jam by Akasha: Man this stuff is delicious! It has that slight kick from the bourbon that gives it the spice you never knew you needed. It’s a perfect jam to enjoy as fall slowly descends on LA, and by slow, I mean slower than rush hour traffic on the 10. Damn, you know I’m a basic Californian when I compare things to awful freeway congestions. It tasted amazing with the raisin bread I garfed down for breakfast. Yes I know garfed is not a word, but it should be. Because that’s the sound I make when I pounce on my prey.


Fro-pud by Little Spoon: There’s fro-yo which stands for frozen yogurt…so it’s only necessary that there’s fro-pud. Frozen pudding. And man is it amazing. Bella and I had their brown sugar flavor and it was everything you’d imagine frozen pudding to be. It was still pretty creamy when it comes in a more solid, less-pudding-ing consistency and had that nice lingering sweetness, like the warmth you feel after you hug yourself because you are single and alone and that’s your only form of human contact.

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Blackberry Peach Pie Pop by Hello Sweetie Pie: What a delightful portion of pie, perfect for those cheat days where you don’t want to commit to buying an entire pie because you know you are a fatass and will garf down the whole thing in one sitting. This is probably the perfect amount of pie one should ever eat and feel satisfied with themselves. What’s remarkable is its magical ability to stay on the popsicle stick. I half expected it to slide down halfway through eating, but it clung on for dear life and never let go. It’s a little pricy (I believe it was $5), but it’s definitely worth trying at least once. And as an avid pie enthusiast, I give it two sugary thumbs up!

More photos from the event:


This sweet lady, Julie Podolec, showing off her delicious looking Modern Pop! It’s made with real ingredients, inspired by the lack of healthy, organic choices at her local supermarket for her teething infant.

Processed with VSCOcam with 6 preset

One of the only successful shots taken at the Social Booth Co. Me and my housie fail at timed photobooth photos…

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