Boiling Point (concept restaurant in Pasadena)

What are my thoughts of the new boiling point location opened on Green St in Pasadena? Well for one, for those who know me, I used to be obsessed with boiling point. Back in high school, we’d race out of class to catch the lunch special so we could get the free tea drink with our meal. However, with food prices ever increasing like the scale in my bathroom (which I strongly insist is just measuring how awesome I am) and customer loyalty being tied strongly to the affordable price of their hot pot, they began to skimp out on the toppings and quality decreased. It became less of a joy to eat at Boiling Point when it seemed like their attention to detail and taste started going out the window. However, I am revitalized thanks to their “test kitchen” in Pasadena. The price is a little heftier, but trust me, it’s worth every penny.

They’ve done small changes to the menu such as including new soups and drinks. Not only are their teas revamped (you can choose the style of preparation with quality tea provided through the Jin tea shop next door), but they also incentivize you with a cute bottle to take home. Just another bottle to collect dust on my shelf. But you can help. With just $1 you can help an orphaned bottle feel whole again. No bottle should be left behind. Call now because #bottlelivesmatter.

For my meal, I decided to go for the angus beef hot pot with brown rice and the $1.50 cheese option draped over it. While I didn’t feel like I got $1.50 worth of cheese (I expected a glorious cheddar mountain to stake my claim in), it still accompanied the hot pot pretty well. I’m a huge fan of cheesy ramen, so this was just another variation of it. Overall, I was definitely not disappointed. I didn’t see much difference in the quality of the beef, but the broth definitely had more depth to it and the toppings actually filled the pot unlike its cheaper location where the veggies barely grace you with their presence.

This location is pretty small and has a lot of potential so I’d suggest going soon before it becomes popular and the wait increases. The wait on a Monday night was around 15 minutes which wasn’t terrible. But I cannot imagine what it would be like on a weekend once their soft opening ends. Overall, great job Boiling Point. You’ve regained my love.

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