It was a typical Black Friday afternoon, perusing around Grand St. in LA and museum hopping for a much needed contemporary art fix.
  It takes an open mind to appreciate the seemingly random pieces of a contemporary art museum, but every room has a central theme that ties each artwork to each other and once you discover the hidden meaning behind them, it becomes just that much more powerful.  


It’s like having a secret that nobody knows and being like, “yeah that’s right. I’m smart sometimes. I can be deep and edumacated”.


I got to spend this beautiful day off with an old co-worker/fellow aggie, Graz (check out his sick ig: @grazfed). He taught me a thing or two about composing for ig, since my game ain’t as strong as his.


The biggest tip he gave me was probably the constraints you must adhere to in order to be successfully branding your look. It hadn’t occurred to me how disciplined you needed to be in order to stick to a certain theme or feel. I don’t know if I can do that whole trade off because I love documenting my life too much and being the narcissistic person that I am, I’d be too enwrapped about posting the cute selfie of me, regardless if it fit the look or not. When ya eyeliner wings are finally on fleek, ya gotta let them boys know you fly.  


After a long morning of wandering through MOCA, Graz and I decided to hit up this adorable new restaurant nestled next to the Broad museum. There wasn’t a sign outside the restaurant to indicate the name, so you know this place be fancy. Yelp, however, quickly informed us that this mysterious gem was Otium. 

*Update: apparently this place was opened by former French Laundry Chef de cuisine, Timothy Hollingsworth. 


YES. The. BEST. Brunch I’ve had in a long time. I had to pause for emphasis because y’all won’t understand how impressed I am. My use of periods is intentional and the caps do mean that I’m screaming at the top of my lungs.

This place constructs and pieces together tastes that you’d never think would work together. Their dishes are anything but ordinary and none of them will disappoint.  


***** tri-tip • fried egg • rice • kimchi: amazing. Absolutely amazing. I am skeptical about any Asian fusion dish that tries to capture the rich, traditional flavors of my people, but they made me proud. Their kimchi wasn’t authentic (obviously), but they definitely made it their own and it complemented the tri-tip beautifully. But oh man. The tri tip doe. The first bite. Moist, tender, juicy, burst of rich, smokey fragrance. It wasn’t too chewy like some tri-tip I’ve had in the past. It was very easy to eat and packed with great flavors and juices. I was cleaning the bowl at the end of this meal.   


***** Hangtown fry • bacon fried oysters • parmesan: the best omelet I’ve ever had. An omelet first popularized during the California Gold Rush will make you shriek Eureka! because you’ve just won jackpot with each bite. I’ve had some pretty good oysters in my day, but nothing compares to these bacon fried oysters resting over the omelet. Crispy fried exterior with that enticing aroma of bacon that instantly takes over your senses and then a buttery, savory flavor that takes over your palette towards the end as the soft oyster nestles in. I am definitely coming back here again. 


**** Smoked salmon •red onion•radish•lemon•everything bagel topping: this was given 4 stars because I wasn’t the biggest fan of their “bagel”. It was more like a bagel imposter that pretends it’s a real bagel, but it’s like a wolf covered in cream cheese clothing. That’s how the saying goes right? The wolf wanted to eat the cream cheese, so in order to gain their trust, he goes to his local Ralph’s market and buys a tub of cream cheese to cover himself in so they believe he is also cream cheese…? Maybe my mom told the story wrong. Aside from the bagel, everything else was perfect. You can’t go wrong with a smoked salmon bagel right? It has little room for failure since most of the ingredients are raw and just compiled beautifully on top of the bagel. If they provided a housemade bagel that was crispier, less salty, and less oily, I would’ve appreciated this dish a lot more. I felt like there was no reason to make the bread salty since the smoked salmon provides that already. I also didn’t get the satisfying crunch you normally get from a toasted bagel or the slightly charred, smokey taste that goes beautifully with smoked salmon. 


Overall, this place is officially one of my favorites. I will be coming back for more and cannot wait to try everything else on their menu. It’s a great place for a casual date, a nice brunch with family, or a girls night out. This place is pretty versatile so I definitely recommend checking it out at least once or three times.   
Outfit: American apparel black felt hat, Nasty Gal caped romper, thrifted patterned cardi, sheer black knee high tights, and Doc Martens.

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  1. The Sartorial Coquette November 29, 2015 — 12:27 pm

    beautiful posts and pictures! everyone uses Instagram differently – use it the way you find it most fun! that way your theme will emerge naturally ❤
    Instagram: the_ch1ara


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