Is it beginning to look like Christmas?

As time goes on, it seems like the magic behind Christmas disappears little by little. What used to be a jovial day (that befitted the odd use of the word jovial in everyday jargon), with tiny little Jenn scurrying down the stairs with her potato legs spudding along – note, I am writing this at 1am and I’m getting those holiday midnight munchies-finding, to her utter surprise, presents under the tree!


Santa must’ve known that I was being a good kid all year…I didn’t get sent to the principal’s office this time, I didn’t rally the class in a straight up coup to overthrow the teacher (yes these are actual things that little, naive Jenn did when she was a rebellious youth)…ah yes, I was a good kid this time! I remember getting a Barbie dream house one very, very distant year (I don’t play with Barbies anymore pls) and being absolutely beside myself. I knew it was a little pricy but Santa (a.k.a. my hardworking dad who was balancing a couple jobs at the time) came through. The magic I felt in the air that day was incredible and nothing ever topped my 5 year old Christmas. As the years went by, and after discovering from a snotty hazel-eyed boy in my class that Santa wasn’t real and Christmas was just a marketing ploy to incentivize excessive spending during a time that should be cherished more with family than with gifts, the magic started waning. This year, especially, doesn’t feel like Christmas mainly because I’m now in post-grad mode along with most of my peers, and we just don’t have the time or the will to put in effort anymore.


My best friends and I decided to go to Bestia instead of buying useless gifts (we also usually ask what the other one wants for Christmas which ruins the whole surprise) because we’d rather pool our money and do something together. I was going to write a review from Bestia on my blog, but I delayed it too long and have forgotten what I was going to write. Sorry boys. However, I will tell you that it fell short of my very higher than Icarus expectations. Sadly, when things are overhyped, you become underwhelmed. I guess you can tie that back with Christmas this year that decided to start right when November hit. So much build-up and anticipation…now that Christmas is around the corner, it already seems so oversaturated in the market now.


Now I don’t mean to sound like a grinch to those who think Christmas is everything and you go all out for it every year. I mean you go glen coco! I’m very proud that you kept your spirit for this long. As for me, I think growing up makes it a little difficult to celebrate it-that and coming from an Asian household that doesn’t really celebrate it that much, it’s easy to push it to the sidelines.


However, I did feel it in the air at least for tonight. Bella and I went to go buy a christmas tree together! This was our first time buying a tree for our house and I was super excited. We headed to target right after and got ornaments to decorate with, but not before getting a quick photo here and there ;).


We got home, turned on Christmas jingles, lit fragrant holiday candles, turned on our christmas light garlands (that are draped literally all over our living room), dressed in ugly christmas sweaters, and got to work! An hour later…our masterpiece was done and presents were quickly shoved under the tree.


A sigh of relief…the scent of apple cinnamon in the air… I finally felt that warm tingle inside when we were done and everything was put in place, the same feeling 5-year-old me got on that Christmas morning.

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